Your Doc Is (Actually) Trying To Kill You.

doctors kill

I’ve often mused about this, by the way.  But I was kidding.  Sort of.

Then I was sent this and given permission to use it.

Patient is a boy, with diabetes. Here are the last two report summaries:

Fairly nasty A1c number.  Note very carefully the recommendation near the bottom: INCREASE CARB INTAKE!

Oh.  5.6 A1c eh.  That’s normal.  The high end of normal, but normal.

Take a guess what was changed in the household?

The elimination of all sugars, refined carbs and starches from the diet.  That is, the exact opposite of what was recommended.

Now you’d think the doc would want to know what miracle had occurred that completely reversed the marker for long-term metabolic damage caused by diabetes.  That A1c figure is allegedly impossible for someone who is diabetic to maintain, as it denotes near-normal blood sugar levels — and not on an instant basis, but rather on an average long-term basis over the last 60 days or so.

But — it happened.

And the Doc didn’t care to ask how.

But on the way out Mom talks to the Doc and was told they were “1 in 1,000 to figure it out.”

Oh really?  

Did the Doc mean they were 1 in 1,000 who figure out that the doctor has been trying to literally kill you and thus you give him the finger on his “recommendations”?  Is that what he meant?  Or did he mean that if you figure out that his recommendations are exactly backward you won’t spend the additional thousands on medical care and drugs now and tens or hundreds of thousands in a few years on various procedures including amputations and such, you won’t lose your sight, and you won’t wind up on dialysis and die from multiple organ failure — all of which will add hundreds of thousands of additional dollars of profit to everyone in the medical field’s pockets and result in your death?

Final question for you: How are these bogus “recommendations” not felonies?  How is recommending that someone do a thing that is exactly backward from what they should do as a medical professional, as demonstrated by the results, when following that recommendation will result in actual physical harm, not constitute a crime?

Ps: Want to talk about statins next?

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