The Government Would Like You To: Shut Up and Die!

Seriously. Unless you have $500 to blow on a speculative emergency item, you should die.


Note that the purchase is speculative because (1) the drug expires, and (2) you don’t know if you’ll need it.  But if you do need it, and don’t have it, you’re fucked.

Now here’s the ball-buster: These pens were $18 a year ago.  They now average over $450!

Most people (even the very poor) can scrounge up $18 for a speculative purchase such as this, especially when it might save their life if they need it.  Yes, it’s low odds you will need it but if you need one of these you need it now, not in a few minutes or hours.

So how did this happen?  The drug in these things is not on patent, but our system of government has made it possible for a handful of manufacturers to form an effective monopoly and then raise the price by 2,500% — 25 times what it used to cost just a year ago.

Medical Monopoly

Oh by the way, if you are an EMS department you can still buy a vial with 1mg of the drug (3 doses, approximately) for $4.13.  A syringe costs pennies (diabetics use them daily.)  So why can’t you simply buy both and keep them around?  Because of the scammers in the medical industry that advocate for, and got passed, laws that make it illegal for you to do so.

Why isn’t this the issue in our political system right now?  Why isn’t everyone involved in this crap under indictment for violations of the Sherman and Clayton Acts?  Why aren’t you in the streets insisting that this garbage be stopped across the board and those who refuse or resist be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, imprisoned and asset-stripped to their underwear.

Come talk to me about all the other things you want to argue over in the political realm when — and only when — this has been addressed.  This (monopoly-related pricing in the medical industry) is the only issue that bears on the budget, the issue that bears on your household disposable income and the issue that will, if we don’t address it, destroy this nation economically within the next couple of decades — after it destroys you economically within the next five to ten years.

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