The Phenomenon of Trump Demystified for the Establishment


Watching now for more than a year, the hand-wringing and moaning of the establishment over Donald Trump’s popularity, I can only shake my head in disbelief.  Not disbelief in how he’s garnered so much support, but disbelief in the failure of the establishment elites to grasp the simple concept of why.

Donald isn’t particularly likable or cuddly.  He’s not a terribly prolific speaker.  Goodness knows it’s hard to comprehend how he wears his hair that way whilst surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in the world. (Eee-gads, has no one ever told him!?)  He does, however, mince no words in cutting through the mounds of double-speak spewed from what seems like every orifice of the establishment-serving (owned) media and each and every pie-hole on Capital Hill.  Trump does what no one else has been able to successfully do without being removed, shut-down, or otherwise taken out of the game:  he speaks to logic and common sense.  He’s also been where most of the rest of us are: boxed into a corner having to cut through the red tape, play the game, and placate the government establishment against all odds.

So, for those who have been running the show now for decades; for those who have been firmly seated in their ivory towers, secure in their belief that they are untouchable (because let’s face it, when you write the laws that protect you and your interests, it’s anything but a tenuous position), let me draw you a picture.  In crayon so it’s not too hard to comprehend:

You lying sacks of cow poop spent years telling the public what you would do when you got into office.  You ran the best dog-and-pony shows money could buy, telling the people what they wanted to hear and convincing them you believed in their causes.   Once in office, you turned your back on the very people who worked to elect you and supported you.  You became tone deaf, and what once was agreement or at least understanding of your constituents’ issues, was  replaced with a strong support for the status-quo espoused by the establishment Parties.  These status-quo policies were ironically the very ones your supporters avidly opposed; the very policies that have been eroding our way of life and destroying the American Dream, turning it into a nightmare for the populous and a dynasty for the establishment elite.   The Party Line opinion became your opinion and you endeavored to ram it down our collective throats with a smile.  You remained aloof until the the next election and then told more lies to the voters to get reelected.  Most importantly, you grew rich.  You grew rich on the backs of the supporters you duped.  You grew rich by towing the establishment line and raking in the lobbyist dollars eagerly given to you by those desperate to stay out of the government cross-hairs.  You grew rich by not making any waves to disrupt the flow of cash into the coffers and you grew more powerful the more you espoused Party lines.

Now you have the ignorant audacity to be flabbergasted that the American voter is looking for some one that hasn’t lied to them year after year?!  While the American public may have a tendency to lie asleep, and attempt to ignore everything that doesn’t directly affect them, how long do you really think it takes the common person to realize they’re being screwed?   You sit on the Hill and pretend to argue over the issues concerning the livelihood of the common man, each Party pretending to blame the other, then head off to lunch together laughing at the idiots that voted you into office, secure in the knowledge your pockets are bulging with the ill gotten gains from your favorite lobbyists.  Year after year, it gets more blatant.  Month after month, we see both Parties cater to their pet interests making their select few wealthy on the backs of the average Joe.  There’s no difference in Party strategy, only the causes they pretend to espouse.  There’s something for each side to exploit.

A recent New York Time’s article illustrates how the media is not merely complicit, but in bed with the strategy deployed by both Parties.

For Republicans, Mounting Fears of Lasting Split

The issues animating grass-roots voters are diverging from and at times colliding with the Republican establishment’s interests in free trade, lower taxes, less regulation and openness to immigration.

WTactualF?!   Is the New York Times actually implying that the Republican Party has been supporting free trade, lower taxes, less regulation and openness to immigration and further insinuating that voters no longer agree with these positions?  How any publication in their right mind could imply that Republicans stand for those things is beyond belief.  More accurately, this is a typical establishment media strategy: start with a false assertion and work an article around how it’s not true.   The GOP of the past two decades has stood for nothing but crony trade for their special pet corporations and industries, lower taxes for their chosen select few, less regulation for their pet causes and themselves, and immigration only as it pertains to providing slave labor through H-1B Visas.   Each and every one of these things has destroyed the American middle class and pushed the lower income class further into poverty.  Yet the Republicans remain committed to shouting from the rooftops that the American middle class is doing well only because of them, the economy is recovering, and the enemy of prospective prosperity is found in the Democrat Party.  The GOP’s answer to the American public is to bankroll Bush Part III in the form of Jeb.  As if that doesn’t reek of dynastic nepotism.

Bush Dynasty

Meanwhile the Democrats, with their illustrious Executive leader, let no moment go to waste in applying miles of media ink to tell the public how they’ve solved the healthcare crisis with Obamacare but in reality only massively enriched the insurance and pharmaceutical industries by furthering their monopoly protections.  They take up yet more media space pretending to care about the banks’ continued raping and pillaging (i.e. fraud) but in reality only gave them a get-out-of-jail free card.  Then last, but not least, media columnists can waste whole weeks coming up with convoluted explanations as to why it’s perfectly okay to take Executive action when the Legislative won’t do what the Executive desires.  Rule of law be damned.  If there’s a lull, they can fill in the vacant moments of potential media silence with dissertations on why advocating for the ‘rights’ of Islam doesn’t stomp all over the rights of women and gays, or how adding yet another gun law to the myriad we already have will finally be ‘the one’ that makes criminals obey the law.  The Democrats’ answer to public outcry is to run another Clinton (starting to detect a pattern here?), who, if she’d been prosecuted for any of her misdeeds based on the evidence available, would right now be serving more time than Al Capone ever did.  Not to leave anything to chance, their second candidate is the pinnacle of hypocrisy, spouting the most appealing platitudes….


Except….he’s a socialist.  Definition:  All industry is owned and controlled by a central government.  Uh….how is that different than the horrifying, untenable situation we have today!?  The establishment politics, economics and media Bernie is talking about ARE ALREADY CENTRALLY CONTROLLED because our representatives are the greedy ones and have no other goal than to continue to remain in power and line their pockets with the money they extort for favoritism from corporations desperate to get out from under that control.  Our representatives’ only goal is to keep controlling the crap out of everything so that the private ‘donations’ to their coffers never stop!   Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire!  Socialism would eliminate any of the remaining obstacles to direct corporate/government cronyism by entirely eliminating the middleman!  Bernie Sanders is the establishment’s wet dream.

Then of course there are the lies upon which the Parties collaborate.  Nineteen trillion dollars in debt with a $4 trillion budget and you’re telling the voters that you can’t cut one dollar out of the freaking budget? Ninety-four million working age Americans are no longer in the work force and 45 million Americans are collecting food stamps and you wonder why the country has never been this close to lighting the fuse for the next American Revolution??!

Is it really that much of a mystery the public (and I do mean those who have been supporters of either Party) is attracted to someone who has had to fight against this cronyism buffet-line, did it, and came out with his dessert?  Is it truly too much to grasp that people across the board would like common sense, logic and a little honesty restored to their government?  Is it really so shocking the American people are thrilled to have a candidate who isn’t being controlled with money or in thought by either establishment Party?!  After all, how long has it been since we have seen a viable candidate who can actually fund his own campaign for POTUS?  Is it really illogical that the only one who has the power to undo a captured, crony-capitalist government structure, is someone who was one of those forced to pay the government extortion for years to be successful?  Most of us aren’t as wealthy as The Donald, but we’re all just as much victims of extortion as he is. Our hard earned money is being stolen every single day and funneled to the rich special interests of our government.  We aren’t on the list of ‘special preferred interests’  upon whom special laws, deferments and exceptions are bestowed by government (*cough* agriculture, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, oil, insurance, banking *cough*), and neither was Trump.  The only difference is, he managed to become as successful as some of those preferred interests by knowing how to beat them at their own game, and now he has the power to do something to change it.  Really, if Americans have one thing in common, we have a universal appreciation for someone who can beat a rigged system with the odds stacked against them.  Americans have always embraced the victorious underdog – I think we call this good old American ingenuity and perseverance.

If the establishment thinks that the public hasn’t figured out they’ve been sold 800 miles of swamp land in Arizona, then I proclaim them quite literally brain dead.  In which case, our problems will be solved once we light the funeral pyre.