Dallas: It’s Not Race, It’s Loss of the Rule of Law

Dallas.  It was horrifying.  There’s just not much else to say in describing last night’s targeting of police officers in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter protest.  The most thorough coverage of which can ironically be found in foreign media at the UK’s Daily Mail.

That being said, for those who wonder how something like Dallas last night could happen: People need to think long and hard about what is going on in our country…because it is escalating quickly, and failure to figure out precisely what has been the catalyst will be a irrecoverable mistake.

There is no condoning recent incidents targeting law enforcement:

Tennessee Highway Gunman Motivated by Police Shootings

Gunman in Vehicle Shoots at Georgia Officer

In fact the shooting of police officers is up dramatically in this past year alone.

26 Police Killed So Far in 2016, Up 44% From 2015

However, THESE incidents and actions of the police are JUST as disturbing:

New Video Emerges of Alton Sterling Being Killed by Baton Rouge Police

Philando Castile was Shot at 9pm During a Traffic stop in Minnesota

Further, regarding Mr. Castile, it appears that DWB (driving while black) may really be a legitimate hazard.  Castile Pulled Over AT LEAST 31 Times and Hit with 63 Traffic Charges

And these are just the shootings in the past few days.  There are many more shootings of people by law enforcement (LE), especially blacks, which seem to be at the least questionable and at worst, entirely unjustifiable.  Meanwhile the federal government is openly encouraging and stoking the fires of hate and violence by fanning the flames of Black Lives Matter, which has previously acted in a far less than peaceful manner.  It is one thing to encourage free speech, but another thing to encourage violence as many of these BLM groups have espoused very publicly. Yet, the threats and acts of violence of the BLM groups have been largely ignored by the federal government and local law enforcement has been left to fend for themselves.  I expect my federal government to promote peace and to encourage constructive dialogue.  We have an enormous disconnect between law enforcement and the public and violence will fix nothing.

A police officer should not only never be above the law; they should be held to a higher standard.  Back in the day, police officers were viewed as ‘peace officers.’  Long gone are those days. Police were public servants whose main function was to protect and serve.   Yet, we have incidents like this just last week:

Somali Muslims TERRORIZE Upscale MN Town – Threaten to Rape Homeowner (VIDEO)

This harassment, and indeed, terrorism, went on for days, yet the police department did very little and were more concerned about the Muslims’ rights.  Why?  Because the federal government has instructed LE to give acts by Muslims a pass, clearly demonstrated by the DOJ’s attempt to censor the 911 tapes of the Orlando terrorist.  How does this instill the public’s trust in law enforcement?!  How does this actually protect the public?  This is selective application of the law.  Lucky you if you’re in the currently ‘anointed group;’ too bad for you if you’re not.   It’d be worse if the government has encouraged your group to voluntarily become a target of law enforcement whilst simultaneously stoking law enforcement’s fear of your group.

And yet even magnitudes worse would be if your group is being cleverly coerced by the ‘federally-anointed,’ exempt group to do their dirty work and be their cannon fodder.



Yes, Black Lives Matter – it appears you have just been used.  And it is not Islamic extremism that will bear the brunt of this atrocious act in Dallas, it will be black people.

Officers used to be a friendly part of the community and were always considered to be ready to lend a hand to anyone, not jump to the conclusion you’re up to no good and immediately consider you a criminal. Law enforcement used to use common sense to address real threats based on actual harm and patterns of behavior.  There was no rush to judgment fueled by dictates from the federal government as to whom you could or could not pursue during the course of protecting the public.  Justice is and should be blind.  scale of justice

This leads me back to something else that occurred in Dallas last night, which is being paid little attention, but is truly telling about the state of our country.  Not long after the shootings began this photo was urgently circulated by DPD.  It is of Mark Hughes.

In Dallas, Mark Hughes Exercising His Second Amendment Rights Leads To A Rush To Judgement

Mark’s brother was even interviewed.

Mr. Hughes had every right to be exercising his right to bear arms and in Texas of all places, that right is held in high regard.  One might go so far as to say Mr. Hughes was making an intelligent case to arm himself in light of the two threats he faced last night in Dallas:  over-aggressive police and violent-prone BLM protesters.

If lying to police is a felony, why isn’t false accusation and lying to a suspect (used to be called entrapment)?!  The error made by DPD has led this guy to receiving DEATH THREATS, being prosecuted as both a hate crime and a FELONY as well.  How is this justice?

If we want to talk about dead police officers, we can do so as soon as the RULE OF LAW means something again.  See, I can only respect a “law enforcement officer” WHO ENFORCES THE LAW! And that means he or she must enforce it AGAINST EVERYONE, not “everyone but Hillary”, or even “everyone BUT MY SARGEANT WHO LIED TO THIS GUY AND CLAIMED WE HAD FILM OF HIM SHOOTING PEOPLE.” They didn’t do this just because he’s black, they did it because….

Right now THERE IS NO RULE OF LAW, and while there is no way you can condone what happened last night in Dallas, you had damned well better wake up America, because THIS HAPPENS WHEN YOU *ALLOW* THE RULE OF LAW TO BE DESTROYED AND IF YOU DON’T RISE AND DEMAND IT BE RESTORED HERE AND NOW THIS SORT OF OUTRAGE WILL NOT ONLY CONTINUE IT WILL GET WORSE.

It has set a very dangerous precedent when the top law enforcement agencies in the country (FBI and DOJ) have utterly turned a blind eye to what would be considered a massive crime if it were perpetrated by any other person.

Banana Republic: One System of Justice for the Powerful (Like Clinton) … and Another For Everyone Else

RIP USA – DOB 07/04/1776 – DOD 07/05/2016

Laws for Little People

There’s an agenda at the federal level and it doesn’t have anything to do with equal application of the law or justice.  It doesn’t have anything to do with race, and it has nothing to do with equality.  Indeed we have every indication that the federal government is at the root of all of this because they would like to have very selective law enforcement where ‘justice’ is reserved for ONLY the elite, and special people are exempt from the laws that apply to the rest of us.  Meanwhile the rest of us are strategically coerced and manipulated to be at each other’s throats so that we never notice where the true enemy lies.


Hillary Liar

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