Why Interest Bearing Fiat Currency Systems Mathematically must FAIL
From an email received by our Founder...

Well I’m pretty sure I’ve got the mathematics that proves our FIAT currency system is inherently mathematically doomed to failure due to insoluble debt service that must be created to feed the beast of interest bearing currency (Federal Reserve Notes) coupled with fractional reserve banking. EVERY dollar that exists on the planet is based on DEBT the bankers pull out of their A$$.

Unfortunately most of the world that’s been dumbed down by ‘gubmint’ schools wouldn’t understand higher order mathematics and how a diabolical system of debt slavery has been used to control them and enrich the elite Oligarchs for generations.

Here’s the bottom line.

In a debt based interest bearing FIAT currency world, NEW debt must be continually created in order to pay the interest, to the banksters, on the previous debt. Either the private sector or the government sector must BORROW more and more money to service the interest on the total SYSTEM debt or the fiat house of cards collapses. This is typically called the “business cycle” but is caused by the debt based currency system mathematics.

Current total DEBT in the US is around 55 Trillion, depending on who’s numbers you believe. Look at M3.

Hodges says 57 Trillion.

Notice some correlation with the FED’s estimate of US net worth (total credit dollars created = 56 Trillion).

Now since ALL dollars on the planet are based on DEBT, the debt service even at a small nominal rate of 5% would
be 5% of $55 Trillion = $2.75 Trillion per year.

Note this is more DOLLARS than exists on the planet even after the FED (Guido) printed up another 1.5 Trillion or so.

Bottom line:

There aren’t enough DOLLARS (money/currency) on the planet to even service the DEBT outstanding in the US, much less all the off balance sheet CDO debt created in the shadow banking system. Since the private sector isn’t “borrowing” to feed the beast, the banksters coerce the government to borrow because if the system doesn’t get fed (debt service dollars) it collapses.

Now you know…

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Retired Principal Electrical Engineer, MS,BS,AS Nuclear/Industrial Engineering minors Undergrad Valedictorian – only graduate with highest honors MS, Ga Tech Who’s Who in American colleges and universities VP Tau Alpha Pi National honor society Major 4.0, math 4.0 Numerous US and international patents 20 years as an R & D engineer with numerous “think tanks” such as Bell Labs.

The author of the above email has provided his mathematical proof, written in layman's terms (it IS readable, at least) in PDF format, for review. Included in the PDF is his email address, which he provides hoping that someone out there can show him why his conclusion is wrong, or at least intelligently discuss the math with him. You can download it by clicking here.