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The Money Masters

The Secret of Oz

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Fractional Reserve Lending

We Must Change Our Monetary System

The True History Of The Banking Cartels & The Federal Reserve

The Road to Serfdom

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

From the Mises Institute. A video that explains how the Federal Reserve and the banking system works.

Banking The Greatest Scam on Earth

Aaron Russo’s 2006 Documentary: From Freedom to Fascism

An Alternative to Debt-Based Currency – December 7, 2008

For hundreds of years the production of people has been essentially stolen by those who regulate our monetary system. When the monetary system fails, what happens to commerce? What happens to people’s ability to earn a living and get what they need in exchange? During the Great Depression, out of pure necessity, a town was able to do business without banks, with no interest being charged in the exchange of people’s production and guess what? The town thrived. As more and more fnancial institutions fail and more and more of your money is being given to them, and they fail to loan it back out to the real economy, pursuit of an alternative to this inherently unfair situation seems prudent.

Money As Debt I

Money As Debt II


Uncle $crooge McDuck explains inflation to his nephews.

Velocity of Money (Circulation)

Uncle Scrooge explains the how money circulates.

Part I

Part II

The American Form of Government


Time to define exactly what we are living under. It sure isn’t ‘capitalism.’ “Capitalism is the fullest expression of anarchism, and anarchism is the fullest expression of capitalism.” ~Murray Rothbard

The Founding Fathers on Tyranny

An outstanding video that explains what our Founding Fathers intended for our country.

A Tribute to The Automatic Earth

Eyes Wide Open

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Never Going To Stand For This

Music Video

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