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FedUpUSA wants the people of Michigan to get educated. We can no longer afford to blindly vote the same people into office over and over again, while our state goes downhill, its citizens lose liberties, freedoms and money and all while we have to watch those same people we elected to office stab us in the back, ignore us and get fat and rich from special interests. We MUST reclaim Michigan now! The best way to do this is to get EDUCATED! Learn about the candidates! Don’t vote for the ‘name you recognize.’ Don’t vote because of some slick, fancy ads. Find out the real scoop about the people running for office to represent you in Lansing and in Washington DC.

We will be adding resources for the people of the State of Michigan on this page as they become available. Please contact us if you have a website or group you would like included on this page.

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Stop the Airport Parking Tax Shell Game

State of the City of Troy, Michigan – 09/20/2012

Open Letter From Mayor Daniels

FedUpUSA Endorses Janice Daniels

FedUpUSA Endorses Kerry Bentivolio

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Important News




Stop the Airport Parking Tax Shell Game

This is a familiar story, where a tax is created for one purpose, then diverted to another in a political shell game at the Capitol, when it really should have gone away.

Twenty-five years ago, in 1987, a special tax was created in Wayne County, a 30% tax on parking at and around Detroit Metro Airport that raised about $8 million annually. It was designed as a bailout for an earlier Wayne County fiscal crisis. It was supposed to go away in 2010 when the bailout debt was paid off, but in typical style, the debt is gone but the tax remains.

Currently the tax brings in $21.5 million annually, and has raised over $340 million in the last 25 years. Some goes to the State Aeronautics Fund. Some goes to the City of Romulus. Most goes to Wayne County, not to solve a fiscal crisis, or to support airport operations, but to fund indigent health care.

Now Senate Bill 1257 plays another shell game with this tax money. Under this bill, most of the revenue would be diverted to pay for Medicaid.

There’s no tax like this at any other airport in Michigan. And there’s no good reason the business and vacation travelers who park their cars at Metro Airport should pay a special tax to fund Medicaid. Medicaid is for the entire state, not just a handful of travelers.

And there’s a good reason to stop this diversion of funds dead in its tracks: it most likely violates federal law and common sense. Two different federal laws say you can’t tax airport travelers and divert the funds away from air travel. Furthermore, it’s the diversion of money off the Airport to the County that prompted the legislature to make the Airport a body independent of Wayne County 10 years ago. That legislation was supposed to separate the Airport financially from the County, now it’s time to finish what was started over a decade ago.

Enough is enough.  Twenty-five years have passed and now is the time to repeal the airport parking tax.

Temporary taxes should be temporary, and shouldn’t live on just because politicians get addicted to the money.

But if they’re going to keep levying this tax, every dime of the revenue should be earmarked directly for the airport – improving its safety, security and operational effectiveness for the traveling public.  Taxing the parking at the airport is an airport user fee. And money from an airport user fee should stay at the airport.

STOP the shell game and END the “Temporary Tax”

 For more information or to get involved email [email protected]


State of the City of Troy, Michigan – 09/20/2012



Open Letter From Mayor Daniels


October 28, 2011


FedUpUSA Endorses Kerry Bentivolio for Congress – 11th District of Michigan

“Why I am Running: the System is Broken, the Economy is Broken, and Corruption is the Cause”

Mr. Bentivolio recognizes that our current system of government and our financial system are broken. They are broken because the rule of law and many of our rights, which are supposed to be guaranteed by our Constitution, have been lost.

Mr. Bentivolio also sees that the “little guy” has lost his voice because it has been drowned out by moneyed interests, be they banks or other industry.

Mr. Bentivolio intends to put the common man’s voice back into our government and for it to be on equal footing with that of those who wield big money, as our founders intended.

Kerry Bentivolio BS

It is for these reasons, and many more that FedUpUSA can proudly endorse Mr. Bentivolio for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District. We wish him the best of luck in the election, and much success in the future as the next Congressional Representative from Michigan’s 11th District.



October 8, 2011


FedUpUSA Endorses Janice Daniels for Mayor of the City of Troy, Michigan

“The fundamental responsibility of government from the City Council up to the national level is the protection of the people. There is an indisputable economic component to the people’s safety that we must protect. I will only support a budget that is clear, concise & controlled.” – Janice Daniels 10/2/2011

As a long-time resident of the City of Troy, Janice Daniels is familiar with the city’s current needs, as well as its past obligations.

Having tirelessly advocated for fiscal responsibility and respectful communication at city council meetings, Janice has ensured the residents of the city have been heard, and their concerns efficiently and respectfully addressed.

Janice recently helped expose Troy city council’s mismanagement and misuse of city funds. Rather than ensure a vital city service remain funded and operational, our illustrious council chose to feather their own nests, by creating a “slush fund” to ensure against “pension shortfalls,” with money that could instead have funded the library…with no tax increase to the residents. Without people like Janice participating, this story may never have come to the attention of the residents of Troy at all.

Janice supports a return to respect for the residents at all levels of city government, integrity in communications, transparency, and getting back to core budgeting practices – focusing on essential services.

Janice’s common sense approach to fiscal responsibility is exactly what the city of Troy needs in these tough economic times, and her concern for respect in communications within city government will help move the city in the most positive direction possible, over the coming years.

With all of this in mind, FedUpUSA is excited to endorse Janice Daniels in the Mayoral Race in the city of Troy, Michigan in 2011. We wish her the best of luck in the election, and much success in the future as the next Mayor of Troy.

FedUpUSA is a national organization, which is based in Michigan. Our mission since 2008 has been to educate the public about the economic crisis and the fraud, corruption and cronyism that exists between our financial system and our government.


November 2011

Legislation to make Michigan a Freedom to Work state will be introduced very soon. As the introduction date of the Freedom to Work bill nears, we will need your help to build a winning campaign. To prevail in our efforts will require an enormous grass roots army and substantial financial resources. Now is the time to organize. Every one of you can help in tangible ways. Click the banner below to get involved!

September 2011

Fellow Michigander patriots,

We need everyone that receives this email to call or write the legislators listed on this email to support State Representative David Agema’s Bills HB-4024 & HB-4026. These bills are very important and critical to be passed to stem the tide of illegal immigration taking our fellow citizens jobs and receiving benefits from our tax dollars.

The calls concerning HB-4024 MUST be made on Monday 12 September 2011 and calls concerning HB-4026 MUST be made no later than Monday 19 September 2011.

HB-4024 Will require any new contractor or sub-contractor working for the State of Michigan to be e-verified.

HB-4026 All temporary work agencies will be required to e-verify workers prior to sending to work places.

When you receive this email please send to all other groups and individuals you might know to spread the support information.

Please contact the following:

Commerce Committee: (all 17 members)

The following individual state representatives:

Sharon Tyler
Phone: (517) 373-1796 or (888) 373-0078
Email: [email protected]

Jud Gilbert
Phone: (517) 373-1790 or (877) 445-2378
Emai: [email protected]

Jeff Farrington
Phone: (517) 373-7768
Emai: [email protected]

Deb Shaughnessy
Phone: (517) 373-10853
Emai: [email protected]

Stop the Expansion of the Michigan Bank Bailouts – In a free market society, what role should the government have in banking? Should the government bail out banks for their losses on bad loans?

Of course not. You know that. This behavior caused the recession that we are still suffering through to this day.

So why should the principle be any different at the state level? Sign the petition to stop the Michigan Legislature from expanding bad national policy on a state level.

Troy, Michigan: Mayor Schilling’s Hypocrisy & Abuse of Power – Last week (2nd week in November), Troy Mayor Louise Schilling attempted to censure Councilman Martin Howrylak. Censure is no trivial matter, especially when initiated by the Mayor herself. What was at issue was Mr. Howrylak’s sending Troy citizens a pamphlet outlining the various ballot proposal issues with regards to the funding of the Troy Library.


Stay Informed – Michigan Government & Politics

Reclaim Michigan We are fed-up with Michigan’s elected officials selling our state’s sovereignty to the federal powers that reside under the capitol Dome in Washington! If we do nothing to stop this redistribution of power between our state and federal leaders, our God given liberties will be no more.

Michigan Capitol Confidential A daily, online news source. As with the print edition, this new venture will strive to be the news source for Michigan residents who want a second opinion when presented with only “bigger government” remedies during public policy debates. We will continue to tell the stories of the public officials who seek alternatives to bigger government, those who do not and those whose votes are at odds with what they say.

Common Sense In Government (Make Lansing Listen) We are We the People. We believe in limited government and lower taxes. We are Taxed Enough Already and our vote must be earned. We will no longer sit by while nice candidates with bad voting records are propped up by the political parties. Enough!


Get Involved In Michigan – Join



Michigan Activists Calendar A comprehensive resource for events happening in Michigan. If you’re a group leader, get your organization’s activities listed here. If you are an individual looking for ways to participate, check this calendar for events near you.

Michigan Campaign for Liberty (MIC4L) – Here you will find Project Watchdog: Holding the Michigan legislature accountable. Learn how you can help keep an eye on Lansing!

Wayne County Taxpayers Association, Inc. Learn how and when to appeal your tax assessment (click on the pink house) and other useful information regarding Michigan taxes.

Troy Area Tea Party – Our duty is to keep citizens informed and engaged with the important issues facing our country in an effort to promote the ideals of the American Republic and continue the vision of our Founding Fathers so that we may always be prepared to defend, protect, and advance the principles set forth in the United States Constitution.

Rattle With Us a grass roots organization that has adopted the historic Gadsden flag as a symbol of what our group stands for. The words “DONT TREAD ON ME” effectively convey how we feel as freedom loving Americans. The rattlesnake is like the American taxpayer. According to Benjamin Franklin, both give generous warning before they strike. We truly believe that “OUR VENOM IS OUR VOTE.”

The Patriot Caucus–Michigan The new unified social network of the American Liberty Alliance, TaxDayTeaParty.com and the Patriot Caucus.

Southeast Michigan 9.12 Group “To promote the Nine Principles and Twelve Values in ourselves, our communities, and our government, to preserve the principles upon which our country was founded.”

Michigan Tea Party Groups A comprehensive list of the Tea Party Groups in Michigan.

Oath Keepers–Michigan Will you follow orders that violate the Rule of Law as defined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights? We say, “Not on our watch!”

Metro Detroit Freedom Coalition (MEDEFCO) “To influence policy, educate, equip and empower citizens with facts regarding Federal, State, County, and Local government officials who will defend and protect the original meaning of our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights”

American Liberty Alliance (ALA)-Michigan One of the original Tea Party organizers, ALA has gone local and is forming local activist groups to promote and figth for liberty-minded candidates.

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan The Michigan chapter of the national group. Advancing liberty candidates in all levels of government.

Grassroots Michigan Advancing constitutional conservatism through education and activism.

Patriots for America-Michigan A great meet-up site for patriotic Michiganders to get active!

Tri-City 9.12 (Mid-Michigan/Saginaw) A living and growing coalition whose mission is to spread the message of the Constitution and pass onto the next generation the true meaning of freedom.

Independent Caucus-Michigan The Michigan chapter of the Citizen’s movement to take back government from “Big Money” Interests groups. As part of the national Independent Caucus, their goal is to thoroughly vet candidates for office so that citizens may more easily make a well-informed choice for whom to vote.


Michigan News, Opinion, Education and Research

Michigan Standard – News, analysis and politics for Southeast Michigan.

The Blogprof An associate professor at Oakland University reports on news and provides information in things happening in Michigan.

Akindele Unlseashed Official blog of Akindele Akinyemi, the urban conservative who is stressing the importance of education, family policies and economics. Yes, Virginia, there ARE fiscaslly-responsible conservatives in Detroit.

Just Michigan “Just your average Michigander’s take on politics, food, football, justice and life.”

RightMichigan Business and economic news and information from a conservative, fiscally responsible perspective.

The Auto Prophet News and opinion about the auto industry from an engineer who works in it.

MichiganTaxpayersAlliance An alliance of Michigan citizens who believe the state government of Michigan is hurting citzens and businesses by taking too much money from its citizens and redistrubting it through ever-increasing spending.

Core Principles Former Michigan State Representative Jack Hoogendyk’s blog. Jack is a concerned grandfather of 8 who brings common sense and conservative values to the Michigan public with his informative blog.

Hello Michigan Rose is a mother and grandmother concerned by the direction of the great state of Michigan and our country. Rose believes that “all power of government is inherent in the people,” and she is dedicated to bringing timely news about what is happening in our government to the people of Michigan.

Mackinac Center for Public Policy A nonpartisan research and educational institute dedicated to improving the quality of life for all Michigan citzens by promoting sounds solutions to state and local policy questions.

ROTTI II A blog site is dedicated just to Michigan politics and Michigan citizens. Once a vibrant state with so much to offer, we see people leaving the state daily. We need to all ban together to revive Michigan, vote out the bad politicians that brought us to this point and become watchdogs of all thats happening around us.